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We have received encouraging response from our members, who have shown interest in various matters. In case of MATRIMONIAL references, we have received Bio-Data's of eligible candidates of either sex. Members are requested to send details of Horoscope and expectations about opposite candidate. One may not believe in horoscopes tallying, but if opposite party insists, the same would be required. 

Further, there is good news!! One of our founder members, Shree Bhagvatprasad Shukla, who is well conversant with the astrology, has offered his free astrological services for:


(1)   Matching the horoscopes of the proposed partners and giving opinion about it. You should email him the Birth Data, like Name, Birth date, Birth time, Birth place (town), of either candidates, one of whom should be related to the member of this forum. He would email you the matching report to you.

(2)   Horscope/Kundali of the new born, related to the members of this forum only. In this case also, you should email him the Birth Data, like Name, Birth date, Birth time, Birth place (town), & email address of the new born, stating your relation.

Bhagvatprasad Shukla’s Email ID is He prefers to communicate through emails only, not on phone. Hence, his phone number is not stated here. Interested members can take advantage of this free services directly or through me. Kindly, note that this free service is open only for the relatives & friends of Gnyati members, through their emails only.


Further suggestions and opinions about making our forum more interesting and effective, members are requested to spare time and send suggestions which can be implemented. Those who wanted to interact on phone (as it was suggested by some members), my phone No is 847-803-9498 which is also shown on letter head of AUDICHYA BANDHU. You can inter-act with me on phone also without any hesitation.


Kindly, come forward and encourage us to make this forum more effective and interesting to generations of all ages. Please, spare few minutes and talk to me so that I can go back to India next month end with encouraging information about all the BRAHMINS, well settled in USA and enjoying better and prosperous life.

With Regards,
Bhalchandra S. Vyas



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