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Our Aims

  • To fully utilize the Emailing facilities, freely available on internet, to propagate the voice of Brahmin Community. Presently it is started with Audichya Brahmins, which can be extended to the whole community of all Brahmins. We consider "Audichya Bandhu" as one kind Forum.


  • Any Brahmin, from anywhere in the whole world, having his email address, can become free member of this Forum, by filling the Entry Form, down loadable from our Web site or obtainable through our email However, it will be fully at the discretion of the Organizers to accord the Free Membership.


  • The Forum would try to get the summary of the contents of our Gnyati monthly, "Ahmedabad Audichya sahasra", which also comprises of the latest Gnyati News, Marriage bureau details, educational achievements, etc., and would try to email to the members. This can be extended to other Brahmin News periodicals also in future.


  • The fresh immigrants to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. would be curious to get much information & guidance?s in many aspects. These can be provided by the well established gnyati brothers, who must have passed through such difficult times. The knowledgeable Members of the subject can be referred to by any Member for advice.


  • If it is known who is established in which field & their expertise, they can be contacted by the needy new comers. This would be mutually helpful to develop mutual relations as well as mutual business.


  • Many of us would be facing various problems. Uncertainty still exist about future, next generation requirements, visit of mother country, matrimonial requirements, frequent changes in immigration rules and fabric of various types of visas, green card holding, immigration, obtaining citizenship etc. etc. children of relatives staying in India, desirous of studies in USA, general guidance about student visa, interview before consulate general, visitor visas of parents or spouse etc. are the common problems. For all the above matters, uncertainty prevails and everyone says differently as per own experiences. In all such cases, any member of the forum, conversant on the respective subject can be helpful.


  • Guidance in all these matters is possible, if we gather the details of all gnyati brothers established abroad and if they take active interest. The main motto of this Forum is to work for these aims, only by extending free services.