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Bhalchandra Vyas
Ph#(480)626-5458(up to 1st week of FEB)&(847)803-9498(up to May end)

25 December 2005

My dear Audichya Brahmin brothers and sisters, I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. During my short visit of USA, it is felt that many of our Gnyati brothers are quite curious to remain updated on the news of our community in India as well as to know who all gnyati brothers, known to them have arrived in USA & Canada. Though many of them may be residing very near to each other, but unaware! Hence, I really feel that any common platform, providing these information’s would be very beneficial to all of us. With this view in mind, I like to initiate and propose as under:

  • The website of our gnyati is under development and can be accessed at
  • If your email address is available to us, we can also email you, the summary of the contents of our Gnyati monthly “Ahmedabad Audichya shahasra”, which also comprises of the latest Gnyati News, Marriage bureau details, educational achievements, etc.
  • The fresh immigrants to USA & Canada would be curious to get much information & guidance’s in many aspects. These can be provided by the well established gnyati brothers, who must have passed through such difficult times.
  • If it is also known who is established in which field & their expertise, they can be contacted by the needy new comers. This would be mutually helpful to develop mutual relations as well as mutual business.
  • Many of us would be facing various problems. Uncertainty still exist about future, next generation requirements, visit of mother country, matrimonial requirements, frequent changes in immigration rules and fabric of various types of visas, green card holding, immigration, obtaining citizenship etc. etc. Children of relatives staying in India, desirous of studies in USA, general guidance about student visa, interview before consulate general, visitor visas of parents or spouse etc. etc are the common problems. For all the above matters, uncertainty prevails and everyone says differently as per own experiences.
  • Guidance in all thGuidance in all these matters is possible, if we gather the details of all gnyati brothers established here take active interest. At first stage, if you provide your email address, we can provide the updated news and mutual views to you.

I am very much encouraged and over whelmed with enthusiasm, when I have got full support in such activities from various gnyati brothers. I have also got the details of various Gnyati brothers who are well established here since long. I would enumerate them here under for your references.

  • Chandrakant Trivedi, who was honored by Governor of Gujarat for helping Gujaratis, solving their common problems in USA.
  • Bhagwatprasad K Shukla, settled since long and associated in running IT consulting company with his son Kashyap.
  • Arunbhai Trivedi, leading advocate of Ahmedabad, now in USA.
  • Arun Dave, dashing personality and settled since long as a Technocrat, having family background of Balwantray Dave and Janardan Dave.
  • Akshay Aacharya Executive committee member of Ghnyati.
  • Vishwamitra acharya, staying since so many years.
  • Vedant Dave, retired engineer from local textile mill of Ahmedabad.
  • Mahesh Raval famous mimicry artist.
  • Vijay Dave, son of Ambaprasad Dave, ex. President of our ghnyati
  • Bhadresh Thakar son of late Ratilal Thakar, senior officer of Bank of India

Other dignitaries frequently visiting states are Ashok Shukla famous reporter of Gujarat Samachar and father of Shailesh Shukla,president of ghnyati, Kritida Jani famous drama artist,and Rajnikant vyas who also can serve as a bridge between India and USA. If all of us get associated then we can develop “Audichya Brahmin Settlement” in USA and can associated with “WORLD BRAHMIN SAMAJ” and can establish ours as a group of most cultured community of Brahmins hailing from ancient “Vedic Sanskruti” and can even have proper voice at a later stage in UNO. In above circumstances during my this visit I wish to convey message through this email to every family in the STATES and for that I request you to help me by giving remarks and send Email Id, Status, family background of all of you on my above mentioned Email address and request others to do so by emailing copies of my letter.

Bhalchandra Somnath Vyas
Ex. Chief Engineer – Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation.
Ph#(480)626-5458(up to 1st week of FEB)&(847)803-9498(up to May end)