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Members' List

First Circular

  Family-Based Immigration In December 2009 In January 2010 Remarks
F1 First Preference
(Umarried sons or daughters over 21 years of age of US Citizens)
22-January-04 01-April-04
Two Months & one week Advanced
F2A Spouses and children of Green Card hoders 01-November-05 01-January-06 Two Months advanced
F2B Unmarried sons or daughters over 21 years of age of Green Card holders 01-November-01 01-December-01 One month advanced
F3 Third Preference
(Married children of US Citizens)
22-May-01 22-May-01 Status Quo, no movement
F4 Fourth Preference
(Siblings of adult US Citizens)
08-September-99 01-October-99 Three weeks advanced
    In December 2009 In January 2010 Remarks
EB-1 1st Current Current  
EB-2 2nd 22-January-05 22-January-05 No movement
EB-3 3rd 01-May-01 22-June-01 One month & 3 weeks advanced
  Unskilled 01-May-01 01-June-01 One month advanced
EB-4 4th Current Current  
  Religious Current Current  
EB-5 5th Current Current